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A SQL query builder with zero dependencies

Latitude leverages hoa/ruler to enable creating criteria from string expressions, which will be converted into a CriteriaInterface that can be used for any query that supports criteria.

$criteria = $factory->criteria('id = 5');
// is the same as ...
$criteria = field('id')->eq(5);

Note: To use this functionality hoa/ruler must be installed!


The benefit of criteria expressions is that they can be used in domain code without importing any references to Latitude:

namespace Acme\Domain\Person;

class PersonQuery
    /** @var int */
    private $id;

    public function __construct(int $id)
        $this->id = $id;

    public function getCriteria(): string
        return " = {$this->id}";

This maintains a proper separation of concerns, where the domain is totally unaware of the underlying storage engine. The same criteria can be used to generate a SQL query or to filter an in-memory collection, either with hoa/ruler or rulerz.